Joint Projects
Dual-Use Technologies

by Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI)

      NPI is working with GIT Satellite in the development of an innovative satellite-type, two-way, text-messaging pager, with foreign language & burst transmission capabilities for use by first responders, worldwide. A hand-crank generator will generally provide power for this pager.  Subject pager will also provide inexpensive and very effective communications for NPI’s barter trade operations, in remote areas of developing nations.  (GIT pager to be completed in 2008.)

      As part of operational support activities, NPI is assisting Millennium Aerospace Corporation (MAC) develop a unique amphibious flying boat for rescue and relief services in any area of the world. This aircraft will be a true amphibian, and can operate from land as well as water.  In addition, it will be a STOL (short takeoff & landing) aircraft with several features designed to provide full security/ safety of this amphibian during operations in hazardous areas. (This aircraft, known as the “Swan,” to be tested   in 2008.)

      To demonstrate use of NPI’s energy innovations, NPI will join with NeuVerde Energy for development of a “Green Energy Park” to be used as a global model for alternative energy technologies.  Models to be demonstrated include cellulosic ethanol, plasma gasification (waste-to-energy), two biogesters, algal-biodiesel production, low-energy food production, zero net-energy structures, & related alternative energy means.

(Model demonstrations, at NeuVerde Park, will start in 2008.)

Requests for further information should be emailed to NPI’s President, David A. Nuttle (email: