Prognosis for Terrorism

by David A. Nuttle

Given the military superiority of the United States, our enemies have no apparent option but to continue terrorists attacks in an effort to achieve their political demands. It will take several generations, and new U.S. policies, to reduce the hatred we Americans have cultivated for ourselves over a period of decades. More about this situation later.

The United Nations Population Fund recently released its 2003 World Population study indicating that nearly half of the world’s people are under the age of 25. One in four of these youth live in extreme poverty without hope, and generally with no real educational or employment opportunities. Most of these youth live in social, economic, and political isolation with little contact with the governments of those nations in which they reside. There is a deterioration of families, and millions have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. Information about the world and how to behave increasingly comes from peers ------and many of these peers have some affiliation with terrorist or narcoterrorist groups. Thousands of orphans are being reared and indoctrinated by institutions dedicated to training the next generation of terrorists.

Only about 02 percent of charitable donations support efforts seeking to resolve the above problems. The U.S. Agency for Intl. Development (USAID) has directed billions of dollars of foreign aid funding in a manner that primarily benefits the dictatorships and many oligarchies that have generally ignored the poverty in their own people. United Nations efforts have been poorly funded and too often afflicted by the same type of corruption. In recent years, the poor have been exposed to the mass media ----and they now know that they are poor, and abused by those in power. In brief, we have acted to help create the “seedbeds” that will grow future generations of terrorists. Recent corruption has acted to exacerbate these problems, as our own politicians have seized control of more and more aid dollars for use as “political pork.” The U.S. does not appear to be serious about helping to resolve the problems of global poverty, and most of the poor resent this fact.

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