Special Efforts
Biosecurity Training

Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI), announces the development of a Bioterrorism Prevention course that will be an important part of homeland security. “our food security is an area where we are dangerously exposed to terrorist attack,” says David A. Nuttle, NPI’s President and counterterror specialist. NPI’s course will be essential for farmers, Ranchers, and others associated with protecting U.s. food supplies from a wide assortment of possible terrorist actions---actions designed to kill Americans while acting to incapacitate the survivors with fear.In the past 7 years, NPI---a 501(c)(3) social entrepreneurial charity---has focused on the development and teaching of innovative technologies related to health, community food security, “zero net energy” housing, alternative energy (biodiesel), microenterprise development, and environmental protection---for disadvantaged populations, worldwide. NPI’s staff has also supported the development of innovative homeland security projects, overseas. It is this combination of background and experience that makes NPI well qualified to conduct Bioterrorism Prevention training for the agricultural sector.

NPI’s President, David A. Nuttle, has over 40 years experience with global homeland security and counterterror projects, and he is attempting to educate the public on best practices for such efforts. Nuttle’s articles on these subjects may be seen on domestic Terrorism’s website (www.domesticterrorism.com). To see these articles, click on “The David Nuttle Column” at the very top of this website. These articles will help Farmers and ranchers understand prior “lessons learned” generally related to NPI’s Bioterrorism Prevention course. NPI’s new course, to provide food security for Americans, will have the following instructional elements: 1) Instruction on the use of a Bioterrorism Symptoms Handbook; 2) Organization of veterinarians and plant disease specialists to form “alert networks;” 3) training in defensive hardware, software, and special devices; 4) Information and local informant systems to guard against attacks; 5) Innovation and entrepreneurial development of new “counterfear” technologies, such as irradiation devices to kill any harmful bacteria; 6) Training in “green energy” crops, and “zero net energy” homes and structures, to reduce dependence in petroleum from the Middle East; and 7) Organization techniques for community food security systems designed to provide reserves of safe, local foods.

NPI will attempt to provide the above training for no cost or low cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, free training will depend on availability of sponsor donations and grants to cover costs of the instruction. The U.S. congress has yet to make a final determination on how food security programs will be structured and funded. NPI’s training locations will vary according to student interest and need. In most cases, NPI instructors may travel to meet with trainee groups. Advanced support system training will take place at NPI’s 50-acre instructional facility in Oklahoma.To help NPI budget for Bioterrorism Prevention training programs, interested persons are being encouraged to enroll for courses now, on a preliminary basis. Enrollment will be finalized when course details and funding are firm. Advance enrollment is also necessary to conduct complete background checks on trainee applicants. From experience overseas, NPI’s staff knows that terrorists will attempt to infiltrate courses to determine methods being used against them. All of NPI’s classes will have extensive security measures as a precaution against any possible terrorist action to disrupt training.

Those persons interested in NPI’s training should contact NPI by email: npiinc2000@aol.com.

“Our greatest threat,” said Nuttle, “is to ignore the need for preparedness as September 11th becomes more distant---or to assume that we need do nothing, incorrectly believing that our government will fully protect us. The War on Terrorism is largely a citizens’ war, since the terrorists have targeted every man, woman, and child in America.”