NPI Accountability for Donors

For the convenience of our donors, NPI’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
and financials are available on GuideStar’s website (www.guidestar.org).
NPI also files annual reports w/ state agencies in New Mexico as well as
Oklahoma. Our officers and directors are volunteers, and over 90 percent
of donations are used to support NPI’s charitable work. Every effort will
be made to provide most of our income from NPI’s social enterprises, or
the license of proprietary technologies owned. Overall, NPI practices the
accounting practice of “ipso facto” --meaning you may actually see what
we claim NPI has done. However, for reasons of security, you may not
know who is doing what work, or an actual time work will be performed.
Due to NPI’s work in the areas of homeland security, biosecurity, and the
relief of persons escaping conflict, security is a concern and it may cause
delayed reporting on some NPI projects.