NPI Site Closing Report

21 December 2013

To: NPI Directors

Welcome to winter! What follows is a report to meet IRS requirements related to a site closing
for NPI as a 501(c)(3) charity ..said site located at Rocky Ford, Cherokee County, OK 74464 To wit:

In 1999, NPI started development of what was to be a 50 acre agricultural training facility for a
series of refugee farmers .... to be instructed in U.S. oriented sustainable farming methods under a
series of contracts from ORR (Office of Refugee Relief). Most of the funding for land purchase, the
construction of facilities and farming models came from patent royalty income from patents owned
by NPI due to my donations as the inventor. As the attached letter will document, these royalties
exceeded over $500,000.00.

NPI first contact with ORR was for the training of 33 Hmong (Asian) refugee farmers from Laos,
with funding of about $40,000.00. This was one of the initial ORR contracts for such instruction and
the prospect of such future contracts prompted Heifer Intl. and Tufts Univ. to spend $ 5 to 7 million
each on their own training centers for refugee farmers. We elected to not spend this kind of money
to remain competitive in future bidding for similar ORR contracts. Land & facilities NPI had acquired,
along with available patent royalty income were then used for NPI's research & development of food
security systems, algalculture (algaculture) and counterdesertification technologies now in the initial
stages of commercialization.

During NPI's training & coaching of Hmong refugee farmers (2000 to 2009), these refugees came
under attack by a local neo-Nazi group demanding that all Asians be returned to Asia. To enforce the
threats, homes, barns and poultry houses were burned (via arson) on the small farms these Hmong
had purchased, with help in the form of USDA guaranteed farm loans. NPI was not effective in acting
to help stop these attacks since the neo-Nazis were reportedly using some of their profits from sales
of illegal drugs to hire protection from local law enforcement. The total lack of response to attacks,
by local law enforcement, seemed to confirm our intelligence information on the corruption of these
local law enforcement personnel. I asked the FBI to help investigate such incidents, but they refused.
This series of incidents was further cause for NPI not to expand said training facility,

NPI's refugee farmers in training (the Hmong) experienced more problems due to the acts of fraud
undertaken against them by local (Ozark area) banks such as Regions. In the process of seeming to
help Hmong farmers to acquire loans for small farms, these banks agreed to assist refugees obtain
USDA guaranteed farm loans. In so doing, the bankers greatly inflated farm values and inflated net
income from each farm. The banks also used ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages) with interest quickly
going from three to twelve percent. In so doing, the bankers made it impossible for refugee farmers
to provide (meet) debt service. Per the bankers plan(s) they soon acted to foreclose on these farms
in order to collect on inflated USDA loan guarantees.

I investigated the facts related to the above bank fraud and reported same to USDA, When USDA
refused to help recover losses due to fraud, we ask Henry Law Firm of Fayetteville, AR to proceed w/
qui tam litigation against five Ozark area banks. As a result, each bank was fined about $2 million
and several million dollars was recovered to pay part of USDA's losses ..each of the damaged Hmong
refugee farmers received about $200,000.00 for the harm caused to each.

To add insult to injury, the local neo-Nazis continued to threaten the Hmong as well as NPI (due
to the help we were providing Hmong refugee farmers) an estimated group of 8 to 10 armed thugs (all
believed to be neo-Nazis) forced entry into NPI's said training site the night of 03 June 2010. Saws,
bars, bolt-cutters and a torch were used to defeat NPI's security systems, and said thugs used an
estimated three trucks to remove most of NPI's tools, equipment, training models, office equipment,
records, and large items to include a windmill w/ water pump. This incident was reported to local law
enforcement, but no investigative or corrective action was apparently taken, ever.

The combination of all the above events caused NPI to abandon subject facility and to sell property
in stages, with most being sold to a neighbor, Dion Francis, who is retired FBI and a Gulf War vet who
is starting a cattle operation. Dion is, and was, aware of security issues associated with NPI's said
property, and is one of the very few people willing to purchase property in this area. NPI's final sale of
this property occurred on 06 Dec 2013 with the transfer of ownership (of the last 27 acres) to Dion.

If you have questions on any of the above, please let me know. All the very very best!!!


P.S. The five acres not sold to Dion was sold to Karen Nuttle since it included a residence, Chase
Bank used foreclosure fraud to acquire this property, in June 2010, after Karen's medical issues and
related bills put her behind in making her mortgage payments. As part of a 2013 fine, in the amount
of $4 billion paid by Chase (..see U.S. Dept. of Justice reporting) Karen received part in payment for
her fraud damages.