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Homeland Security Coop

31 March 2003


Tahlequah – Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI), a 501(c)(3) charity based in Oklahoma, has announced its sponsorship of a Homeland Security Cooperative (Coop) to be located in the Tahlequah, Oklahoma area, and to be used as a national training model for the U.S.

NPI’s staff has extensive experience in developing successful homeland security projects overseas, and is starting new projects in Egypt and Russia as well as the U.S. David A. Nuttle, NPI’s President and founder, is a former GS-14 CIA Special Operations Officer, with a record of developing successful counterterror and homeland security projects.

The Homeland Security Coop (HSC) is needed, according to Nuttle, because of a “target-rich” environment in the U.S. ---combined with the fact that Americans are now targets of several well-organized terrorist and narcoterrorist groups. These hostile forces are known to use innovative methods of attack, and they are actively seeking weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Nuttle believes that the U.S. must have the help of organized groups of citizens to effectively protect all Americans for an affordable price.

To create a model HSC, NPI has already invested over $300,000 to acquire a remote 30-acre facility that may be easily secured. A deep water-well was drilled to obtain a secure source of potable water. An integrated, organic, biosecure food production complex is about 80 percent complete. On an annual basis, the complex will produce over 100,000 lbs. of safe, organic poultry, pork, fish, produce (vegetables), & nutraceuticals. Security features will include a unique AirShelter, with HEPA filtration system (powered by alternative power means), to fully protect HSC members (and their families) from any NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) threat and/or attack.

Ideally, HSCs would be organized throughout the U.S. on a local community basis. Each HSC would provide security, protection against NBC attacks, emergency shelter, water, food, and emergency medical treatment. Organic algal-nutraceuticals (antioxidants) will be provided to increase natural disease resistance capabilities. Dr. Alyson Mitchell, of the University of California (at Davis), recently completed a research study indicating that organic foods themselves contain some 58 percent more polyphenolics (quality antioxidants) now believed to protect cells against damage from many major diseases.

The HSC will have five levels of security, and will be totally self-sufficient to include its own power supply using photovoltaics, wind-power, microhydro generators, and other alternative energy technologies. HSC members will be trained, by Nuttle, in innovative techniques for protecting individuals and families from terrorist attacks of all types, to include WMD and cyberterrorist attacks.

To fund its HSC model, NPI is creating a “spin-off,” for-profit cooperative with 50 shares or memberships to be sold for $5,000 each. Thus, $250,000 will be used to acquire said HSC to provide safety for 50 families ---and to provide them each with a 1/50th share of the organic foods produced (a $4,300 annual value). Project details and site photographs, plus contact instructions, may be found on NPI’s website:

In exchange for $115,000 cash, NPI will sell project real estate and facilities to the HSC (a for-profit corporation) to be the organizational structure for the coop. This sale is the 30-acres with facilities as stated above. The 50 members will be the owners of the HSC, and the $5,000 per membership is to acquire that ownership as well as completing HSC facilities in Cherokee County. After the first year, HSC members will pay no membership fees ---but members will then begin paying for foods received from the HSC. Prices for food shall be 75 percent of the current retail price for the organic food(s) purchased. Income from such sales will pay for the annual operation of the HSC.

NPI is not selling its proprietary (patented) technologies, used for subject HSC, but will license these technologies (as necessary to operate the HSC) for a royalty fee of 03 percent of annual wholesale gross income. To help assure success of the HSC, NPI will train the HSC staff as well as helping make all systems fully operational. If you have questions, on how the proposed HSC will operate, please telephone David Nuttle at 918-868-5710. (The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is not a participant, in the HSC, but is expected to endorse the effort.)