Safety & Survival

An expanded version of “The Universal Survival Handbook” published in 1979,
by David A. Nuttle, author


To all the volunteers who serve poor, disadvantaged, and/or
oppressed populations living in hazardous areas, worldwide.

  1 - Major Causes & Solutions

Summary of Major Causes




Needs Filling


Speed-Related Hazards






Vision-Related Hazards

Introduced Dangers



  2 - General Solutions

Fundamental Survival Skills

Critical Knots Food Utilization
Finding your Way Gardening
Fire Heat and Light
Food Canning and Rotation Maintenance of Health
Food Drying Shelters
Food Storage Signaling
Food and Survival Water



Life Saving Actions

Field Care Chart

Responses to Danger

Living Dead

Sudden Childbirth

Medical Aid



Personal Security

Defensive Protection


Disaster Checklist

Non-lethal Weapons


Primitive Weapons

Home Preparedness

Problem Gaming

Keys to Survival

Survival Kit



  3 - National Emergency

National Emergency










  4 - Special Solutions

Confidence (Con) Games

Search Procedures

Innovative Crisis

Space Dangers

Relocation Options

Suicide Prevention

Rules for Evasion

Weather Warning Signs



  5 - Wild Plants

History of Plant Usage





  6 - Hazardous Area Safety and Survival

This new section was added to assist volunteers in safely surviving the many hazards resulting from work in areas with high levels of armed conflict. The instructions presented assume that volunteers are civilians, with little or no survival or combat experience, working for various charitable or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


Safety & Survival Rules

Press & Politicians

Armed Security Guards

Radio Schools

Ambush Avoidance

Civic Action

IED Risk Reduction

CIDG Projects

Hazards of Official Contacts

Citizens Corps



  7 - Information



David A. Nuttle, the author, is a former GS-14 CIA Special Operations Officer with extensive training & experience in the areas of personnel safety/survival as related to counterterror & counterinsurgency operations in hostile or hazardous areas where he was assigned. In addition, Mr. Nuttle has over two decades of experience in the conduct of difficult humanitarian projects in areas of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East ---with these locations being under conditions of armed conflict and/or natural disasters. During the course of this work, he has had many opportunities to practice and perfect essential safety and survival skills needed to sustain his many unique relief efforts.


The basic work is designed to provide a single, quick reference to the essential information needed to help volunteers survive natural and man-made disasters of all types. The safety & survival problems, the their related solutions, are explained in a form that is easy to understand and apply in actual emergency situations.

In the decades following initial publication, the earlier 1979 handbook was used by police and military personnel, Boy Scouts, Peace Corps volunteers, and volunteers for charities and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations). From the many testimonials of these users, the safety and sruvival information herein provided helps to save lives. At the same time, this safety and survival guide acted to susatin volunteer operations in high threat areas.

Materials added to this handbook were designed to provide known safety and survival techniques for volunteers working in overseas areas with extensive armed conflict and related hazards. The need for a such information has been emphasized by increased numbers of volunteers being kidnapped and killed in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other nations with high rates of conflict. Moreover, most charities and NGOs seldom effectively train their volunteers in safety and/or survival techniques.

To make this reference material easily available to volunteers in remote locations, it will be published as well as posted on the website for Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI), the 501©(3) charity founded by author, David A. Nuttle. NPI’s website address is: http://www.needfulprovision.org. This information is provided at no cost to individual users. (No commercialization is allowed.)


As in the case of all information, safety and survival instruction may be misused or improperly used. For these reasons, the author (David A. Nuttle), the David A. Nuttle Survival Association, and/or Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI) shall assume no responsibility or liability for harm that might result from the use of guidelines or techniques herein provided.


Copyright 2008 by David A. Nuttle of Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
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