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Security Policy

As a result of support for homeland security projects, in the U.S. and overseas, Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI) has found it necessary to engage in extensive security measures to protect our staff, volunteers, projects, resources, and capabilities. Thus, NPI will now operate under the following security and special operations procedures:

1. Advanced cybersecurity methods shall be utilized to fully protect information systems and various forms of communication.

2. Facilities will generally be protected by 3 standard types of security, and 2 or more additional innovative security systems.

3. All mail, cargo, and deliveries shall undergo special screening. Visitors will be required to make appointments 72 hours in advance, and they must give approval for NPI to check their backgrounds.

4. The names of Directors, Officers, and Volunteers will seldom be disclosed to the general public or to persons making inquiries. Names on official documents shall be limited in number, and pseudonyms may be used when such names are a legal option.

5. Schedules will not be made public, and appointments may not be kept unless times and locations remain confidential as confirmed by NPI.

6. Details shall not be provided for homeland security and biosecurity projects in the U.S. or overseas. There will be no newsletters of any kind.

7. Multiple, future project plans may be announced for purposes of concealing an undisclosed project of a sensitive or proprietary nature. At some future date, part or all of the announced projects may be undertaken.

8. All NPI personnel shall be trained in counterterror methods and personal defense techniques for hostile environments.

9. Priority will be given to the protection of personnel, facilities, data, resources, and projects, so NPI’s capabilities may be sustained.

10. Legal intelligence and investigative techniques shall be used to assure that those we assist, and those with whom we work, do not support terrorists and/or narcoterrorists.

11. In order to sustain NPI’s “good name,” no grants or donations will be accepted from those who engage in corrupt, immoral, illegal, or suspect practices of any type.

12. In hostile environments, routes and methods of travel shall be constantly varied. Facilities may be concealed or mobile as needed to sustain security of specific operations threatened.


N.B. NPI seeks to serve all, worldwide, without discrimination, but we have no real obligation(s) to assist those who seek to cause us harm.