Bioterrorism Telemedicine

7) Bioterrorism Telemedicine – Intelligence reports indicate that various terrorist groups, and their sponsors, have tested no less than 83 different bacterial agents each with the potential of being developed as a bacterial warfare agent. Once produced in quantity, terrorists can deliver any one of these agents via air, water, milk, food, drugs, people, mail, containers, vehicles, plants, animals, and assorted delivery-type weapons. Since these agents seek to introduce exotic diseases --- with the targets being humans, plants, and/or animals ---possible symptoms are many and generally very uncommon. To help defend against this threat, doctors, nurses, health workers, veterinarians, farmers, and livestock producers, worldwide, must receive training in possible symptoms. With the number of possible diseases, each person trained needs to specialize in two or three diseases. A global network, of all these trained and dedicated specialists, are then linked together using a satellite telecommunications system. This network of specialists then becomes our primary Bioterrorism defense, and greatly improves worldwide health capabilities. NPI invites your participation in this effort.