Humanitarian Buffer(s)

6) In many areas of the world historic adversaries continue to face each other, and still seek to kill each other. A much wider conflict is threatened in the case of the Israeli and Palestinian hostilities, and others. Given the long sustained, high level of hatred, peace is possible only if an effective means is created to separate the antagonists. In the case of Palestinian refugees, confined in large numbers to small spaces, they have no hope of a normal life, and many live only to seek revenge against the Israelis. Effective resettlement of most Palestinian refugees must therefore be a part of creating a buffer by means of geographical separation.

NPI proposes to resettle large numbers of Palestinian refugees in a fertile multi-million-acre area of central Sudan mostly devoid of population. These relocated Palestinians would maintain the right for brief, annual visits to Palestine, while building a new life in Sudan. Initial discussions indicate that Sudan’s government would be receptive to such Palestinian resettlement. Removal of these refugees would facilitate the work of an anticipated “Peace Keeping Force” to help keep the Israelis and Palestinians separated. Given the necessary approval of the parties, NPI seeks your support for this effort to reduce the threat of a much wider conflict.

N.B.This Humanitarian Buffer(s) project will not proceed without the proir approval of the Government of Sudan and the Palestinian Authority.