Inter-Community Development

Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI) will join with a very distinguished Kenyan charity, Inter-Community Development (ICD), to help resolve the Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) health problems for rural villagers in Kenya, and other areas of Africa. The problem is caused by indoor burning of dried manures or brush for cooking and heating. NPI will provide its self-help technologies designed to fully resolve the IAP issue. Subject IAP technologies include: 1) A solar-powered cooking grill; 2) A solar-powered cooking oven; and 3) A “rock-box” heating stove with rocks heated by solar energy. All of the items are designed for indoor use with only the solar collector(s) being located outside. With the addition of a deep-cycle battery, flexible solar collectors will generate enough electricity, during the day, to charge the battery ---and the battery will then allow some basic lighting at night. ICD will train Kenyan villagers in the use of these technologies. NPI & ICD will join together in developing an innovative barter trade system designed to assist poor Kenyan villagers in acquiring said technologies.