Help for the Nahaus

NPI -- 01 December 2007

Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI) announces a new affiliated NGO, Altipetl Xocotlan, A. C., for charitable work with the Nahuas, Nahuatl-speaking, peoples of the rugged, isolated areas near Zacatlan, Mexico. Our objectives are to improve the health, food security, education, and well-being of these descendants of the Aztec Empire’s founders ---while also helping to preserve the traditions, arts, crafts/ cottage industries, farming methods/ medicinal plant cultivation, gastronomy, culture, and language of this historical ethnic group. Initial efforts will include 26 remote Nahuas villages. The town of Zacatlan will be the focus of tourism development via a Nahuas Cultural Center. This center will also facilitate arts, crafts, and produce marketing for the Nahuas. NPI will also utilize its self-help, food security, housing, and other technologies (as shown on NPI’s website) to assist these Nahuas peoples in the same manner NPI already assists many isolated rural/ tribal populations, worldwide. Director for the above said effort is Mary Carmen Olvera Trejo. (Altipetl Xocotlan, A.C. does not engage in religious or political activities --- and will never encourage or support any terrorist or insurgent group.)